Project Updates

Farmland and Timberland Updates:

  • December 2021 – Farmland and Timberland will have access to the test submission environment; Both committees will submit Q3 data into the new system using the new template
  • January 2022- Farmland and Timberland will submit Q4 data into current system, with current template
  • February 2022 – Farmland and Timberland will submit Q4 data into new system, using new template
  • NCREIF will assess next steps on go-live launch dates

Commercial Property and Fund Updates:

  • November 2021 - Templates released and review webinars scheduled
  • March 2022 - User testing for property and open end fund submission
  • May 2022 - Parallel  testing in new and current system
  • July 2022 - Production launch based on user testing; otherwise, continued parallel testing
  • October 2022 – Production launch if July launch was deferred

For any questions related to Project Impact, please contact Jeannie Olson (