NCREIF Query Tool

The custom query tool allows users to create their own custom benchmarks or datasets.  There are two datasets that can be queried:

Research Database – Includes data received from members for all properties, regardless of whether those properties qualify for inclusion in the NPI including taxable or alternative property types such as self-storage or seniors housing.

NPI Database – Includes data only for properties that qualify for inclusion in the NPI.  This is the data that is used to prepare the variety of reports generated quarterly by NCREIF.

The query tool uses property level information that is collected, as well as aggregate data derived from it, to respond to specific queries from users for particular sets of information.  Because of its ability to combine submitted data and derived data, the NCREIF Query Tool is a very powerful and productive application in the hands of users who understand the nature of the data and the many ways it can be used.

Specific queries available include but not limited to:

  • NPI Returns
  • NPI Returns Cash Flow
  • NOI Growth
  • Percent Leased by Quarter
  • Leveraged NPI
  • Value Per Square Feet
  • Equal Weighted NPI Returns with Standard Deviation
  • Capital Expenditures Detail
  • Income & Expense Details
  • Transaction and Appraisal Cap Rates

The information generated from the queries can be viewed at the national, property type, property subtype, region, division, metro area and many others.


Yes each individual user must have an ID assigned to them with specific access to the tool.  If you do not have an ID please contact the NCREIF at

There are several different ways to break out and group your returns within the tool.  They can be broken out and viewed by specific property types, regions, metro areas, zip codes, fund type or any combination of.  In addition properties can be filtered for specific market value ranges, square feet, number of unit or floors, and many others.  For a complete list of query tool features please contact the NCREIF office at

The NCREIF query tool today currently can run queries on the NCREIF property database, as well as our Farmland and Timberland properties.  

NCREIF does offer training for the query tool and other products.  Training can be on a one on one basis or a larger training can be scheduled for a group of individuals.  Most training is done via a web meeting, but in some circumstances onsite training can be organized.  Most NCREIF Query Tool training can be conducted in an hour or less.