In Practice

Representative of the initiatives that are being pursued by NCREIF's members and staff to advance our mission are: 

  • Expanding our offering of Indices and benchmarks based on the data collected;
  • Using state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology to deliver aggregated data and attribution analyses to members and subscribers;
  • Developing a series of analytic tools for use by members to analyze and develop insights from the data;
  • Enhancing our educational offerings and introducing a certification program;
  • Continuing to increase our membership;
  • Facilitating the ongoing development of the Reporting Standards;
  • Encouraging the constant use of agreed-upon standards and best practices by our members;
  • Promoting and supporting a thriving committee structure;
  • Building the NCREIF brand within the investment community; and
  • Working with other organizations, within the US and globally, that have a similar mission.