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NCREIF Research Corner

Executive Summary

11/15/2011 5:11:46 PM

This month’s Research Corner is an Executive Summary. The purpose of this report is to give industry executives an overview of the past quarter’s NCREIF results with all the return data located in one place. We want the content to be useful, but it is not meant to be comprehensive. This report is meant to be examined waiting for a plane or some other brief period of time. I am looking for your feedback in a number of different areas!!!!!!!!!!! First and most important, how do you like the content? Do we have the right charts and graphs in there? Would you like to see longer-term metrics rather than quarter and year? What about the text? Not enough NCREIF specific? More economy? More forward looking? Second, do you like the look or is the text too much? Should I switch to bullets? Is the report too short? I know attention spans are limited, but I do want some content and not all fluff. Please read the report and send me feedback.


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